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Submitted on
February 4, 2011


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Greetings Friends,

Queen of Pirates 2: Wreck of The Phantom Ship
Story by Kunzite
Art by Roberto Viacava

Queen of Pirates 2 Cover Art by MTJpub

Captain Blaze and her fearless band of buccaneers are back for a swashbuckling adventure of epic proportions! Join the ticklish crew of the Blazing Star as they set off for uncharted waters in search of a cursed treasure hidden within the wreck of a legendary doomed ship.

When a fragment of a treasure map falls into the Captain's hands, the hunt is on to follow the trail of the Revenant: the most fearsome warship ever to sail the seas, which vanished years ago carrying a fortune in gold. With its dark fate shrouded in mystery, what will the crew discover if and when they finally set foot upon its cursed deck? Deadly foes and ticklish perils abound as the crew embarks on a laughter-filled adventure for the ages!

Item Features

    * 33,000 + Words!
    * Cover Art!
    * F/F Tickling!

Mature Readers Only 18+…
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Queen of Pirates: Wreck of the Phantom Ship is the sequel to Kunzite's popular Queen of Pirates enovel!


Please Note: Queen of Pirates #1 is on SALE! This month at

Jim Mature Readers Only 18+

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