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Art By Cagri
Written By J.R.

Somewhere in Japan there is a very exclusive school, whose student body is drawn from the oldest and wealthiest of families. These young women will emerge in time as highly-trained and justly feared practitioners of an ancient and curious profession - tickle-torture.

Ryuko Ichida, a girl in the employ of a gang boss, is sent to the Academy to learn the whereabouts of one of its prisoners. Ryu thinks the whole idea of tickling as torture is kind of cute. She has no idea...

TICKLE-TORTURE ACADEMY, written by veteran author J.R. with artwork by acclaimed artist Cagri, takes tickling manga to a whole new level. Join the Academy...

For Mature Readers 18+
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heretichero666 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010
Lol, wish they had a class like that at my college. Get to tickle cute girls with beautiful feet I would pass that class with straight A's! Nice work man! I'll be sure to buy something from you guys one of these days when I get the means to do so.
P.S. Have you heard of a guy called :iconlostonezero:? He does tickle comics like you guys and since you all seem to work together on your stories maybe you could invite him to join the crew. I don't know what he's up to now but I'm sure he would love to work with you guys.
MTJpub Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010
Great suggestion...

It just so happens that Lostonezero just finished working on some art for us that will be featured in the forthcoming 31st issue of Tales from the Asylum magazine.

He is a top notch artist. I love his work!

heretichero666 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010
Cool! I'll have to look into that series. So far it looks like you guys got a bunch of cool series. When I get the means to, I'll be sure to buy a couple of stories from you. Are they all digital?

Yeah, Lostonezero rocks. I like him a lot too. He's got incredible non-fetish art too and I love that too.

Good luck with your work. You guys do a great job working together for your comics. And I love how your art style switches around each series you write. Keep it up!

P.S. Do you use all OC characters and original stories? Or do you have some fan fiction like series/stories? With all the work you guys put into these comics, the great variety of art styles you have, and how succeccessful you are you guys could probably do like a fan fiction tickle comic of girls from anime/manga series, video games or comic books. Have you guys ever thought of that?
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September 23, 2010
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