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Poli-Tickle Prisoner 2: Time of Your Life
Written by Tarr2k
Art by Corwin FT

"We do ugly things sometimes. I know we have mistakenly taken the innocent and treated them the same as the guilty... But then, sometimes we target the innocent on purpose... If this is what we'll do to achieve power, then how will we use it once itís acquired?"

A government project threatens to brainwash every man, woman, and child in America. Samantha Gardener has gathered a small number of resourceful people to help her stop it, but there is more than just national security to worry about. The marriage forever lost in her recent past, and her incarceration at the Catacombs for reprogramming in the near future, both threaten to overwhelm her. Can Sam accept the past and prepare for the future while facing impossible obstacles in the present?

Picking up where Boarding School left off, Poli-tickle Prisoner: Time Of Your Life continues to follow the life of Samantha through one tickle event after another. If youíre a fan of all over body tickling, this is the story for you

For Mature Readers 18+
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Poli-Tickle Prisoner #1: Boarding School  *PREVIEW  Written by Tarr2k    Prologue   In the silence of the room, the only disturbance is the quiet breathing, the futile strain of leather, and the occasional clatter.  There's a slight hint of sweat in the air, and fear.  Let the eye of imagination open and see her, sitting strapped in a very solid, padded chair.  Her wrists are bound together to the back of the chair right behind her head, leaving her arms up and exposing her torso.  Her ankles are each securely strapped to the chair's legs.  Her painted r

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doomie220 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011
Pantyhose tickling FTW! X3
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