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Written by Colin!
Art by Cagri!
Edited by Chicago Annie

The Seven #2 Cover Art by MTJpub The Seven #2 Pinup by MTJpub  The Seven #2 Preview by MTJpub

They have walked among us from the beginning of time:

Seven beings in female form, living embodiments of the hungers and weaknesses that are our race's greatest failings. Once a generation they come together and manifest in our world, claiming mortal victims whose natures uniquely compliment their own...

Aspiring supermodel Delilah Proudfoot has disappeared, and police detective Rachel Roth is on the case. Her investigation takes her to a chain of women’s health clubs owned by Delilah’s friend Kim Redding. Kim is determined to succeed, but her business is hemorrhaging money, while her anger management issues cost her customers and alienate her friends. But Kim has recently found a mentor in a mysterious woman named Ira, who suggests a new angle for the clubs that sends business through the roof. Whoever knew that successful women would pay to be mercilessly tickle-tortured? Soon the clubs are filled with screams of laughter as barefoot women test their endurance against feathers, fingers and inescapable bondage.

All too soon Ira proposes that Kim take their relationship to the next level; in doing so she reveals her true wrathful nature, and a taste for tickling that might just be the end of poor Kim.

THE SEVEN marks a unique departure in Colin's work, a supernatural thriller that combines a pulse-pounding fetish storyline with a dark, compelling eroticism. Complimented by the art of Cagri, THE SEVEN will leave you breathless.


• 13 Fiendish Pages + Cover!
• 45+ Torturous Comic Panels!
• Armpit, Ribs, and Barefoot tickling!
• Written by Colin!
• Art by Cagri!
• Direct Digital Download (PDF format)

THE SEVEN #1 Cover by MTJpub THE SEVEN #1 Pinup by MTJpub THE SEVEN #1 Preview by MTJpub


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Tickle Comics and Tickle Art
United States
The Definitive Source for Tickling Comics, Tickling Art and Tickling Fiction!

We here at MTJ Publishing believe that tickling is one of life’s great pleasures. So what’s your pleasure? Beautiful females screaming with laughter and begging for mercy? Bare feet writhing in stocks, while feathers and fingers go to work on their tender soles? Or maybe you prefer ticklish armpits, ribs and bellies. Perhaps you enjoy the spectacle of male victims shrieking under dominant, female ticklers? Whatever your taste in tickle torture, we have you covered.

Tickle Comics, Tickle Art Collections, Tickle Novellas and Tickle Zines. Over 400 titles to choose from!

Providing the Best for Our Customers Since 1999

Please Note: MTJ Publishing products are intended for mature readers, 18 years and older.


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