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Written and Created by Colin
Art by Dr. Random
Edited by ChicagoAnnie

DOMME NATION #2 Cover Art by MTJpub DOMME NATION #2 Preview Art by MTJpub :icondr-willard:

In this long-awaited follow-up to Domme Nation #1, Colin and Dr. Random, fetish fantasists extraordinaire, invite you to return to the future...

A strange new age of bizarre technologies little different from the darkest magic of elder days. Here impossibly beautiful and powerful women plot and scheme against each other, each hoping to enslave her most formidable colleagues and win the title of Ultimate Domina, Mistress of Mistresses. In this contest, every form of deceit and treachery are expected, even encouraged. There is only one rule: the ultimate tool of the victims' downfall must be the ancient and dreaded art of tickle-torture.

Three dominas have been gathered by Mistress Ring to watch her break her long-time rival, the very ticklish Lady Onyx. But Ring has more than Onyx’s downfall on her agenda. One by one, her guests will find themselves helplessly bound on Ring’s stage, victims not only of their bodies’ ticklishness, but their own unique tools and abilities. The imposing Mistress Diesel is driven into fits of insane laughter on one of her own torture-engines. Miss Mantis learns that her collection of modified insects need no stingers or hungry mandibles to titillate helpless soles and soft skin. But what of the lovely, soft-spoken Lady Angel? Will her own soft feathers be turned against her? Or does she have a few ticklish tricks of her own to teach her treacherous colleague?

Domme Nation #2 draws us even deeper into the Dominas' world, where the line between a fearsome mistress and a laughing, barefoot slave-girl is as thin as a feather...or your dreams.


• 13 Full Color Pages + Cover!
• 50+ Comic Panels!
• Armpit, breast, rib, belly, and barefoot tickling!
• Scene of holding in laughter!
• Written By Colin!
• Art By Dr. Random!
• F/F Tickling!
• Direct Digital Download (PDF format)

Mature Readers Only 18+
Product and Ordering Information

Now Accepting PayPal

DOMME NATION #1 Cover Art by MTJpub GET TOOTSIE LOVE #2 Cover by MTJpub Ticklish Justice #2 Cover by MTJpub


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The Definitive Source for Tickling Comics, Tickling Art and Tickling Fiction!

We here at MTJ Publishing believe that tickling is one of life’s great pleasures. So what’s your pleasure? Beautiful females screaming with laughter and begging for mercy? Bare feet writhing in stocks, while feathers and fingers go to work on their tender soles? Or maybe you prefer ticklish armpits, ribs and bellies. Perhaps you enjoy the spectacle of male victims shrieking under dominant, female ticklers? Whatever your taste in tickle torture, we have you covered.

Tickle Comics, Tickle Art Collections, Tickle Novellas and Tickle Zines. Over 400 titles to choose from!

Providing the Best for Our Customers Since 1999

Please Note: MTJ Publishing products are intended for mature readers, 18 years and older.



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