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Written and Created by Bandito
Illustrated by Ponce
Colors by Duarte
Lettering by RostoKFX
Edited by ChicagoAnnie

*Special Thanks to White Lotus for all of her behind the scenes work including but not limited to the title graphics and banner.

Tickling in Space 09 Cover Art by MTJpub Tickling in Space 09 Preview Panels by MTJpub

Dusty is in DANGER! The Danneskold is in terrible PERIL! And time is RUNNING OUT!

Blake's Revenge continues as the insidious space pirate tickle tortures the beautiful Captain Dusty to screaming hysteria as the rest of her crew is tickled to DEATH by the most vicious assassins and Bounty Hunters in the Seven Systems!

This chapter focuses on the tremendously tender Robo-Tech, Jessie as she falls into ENEMY HANDS. Blake's hacked Love Bot named Glitch captures the hot human and subjects her to sadistic sensitive sensations and squealing surrender while suspended in inescapable bondage!

Meanwhile, the assassins ambush several crew members in a fire fight which seals their terrible fate: to be marooned on the deadly savage planet below. All the while, Blake tickling the buxom and blushing Dusty’s bare body as she teases all hope out of our hot heroine!

How will Dusty and her sexy crew of alien vixens ever escape this fiendish doom of frenzied laughter?

Find out in the latest TICKLING IN SPAAACE!!


• 6 OMFG pages of tickling hotness!
• 32 toe-curling panels!
• Naked, naughty, and very erotic tickles!
• Ticklish torture and revenge themes!
• Bare foot, breast, belly, bottom and all-over tickles!
• Pencils and inks by Ponce!
• Written and created by Bandito!
• Direct Digital Download (PDF format)

Mature Readers Only 18+
Product and Ordering Information

Now Accepting PayPal

TICKLING IN SPACE: ANDROID DILEMMA! Cover Art by MTJpub TIS06: TRIALS OF THE TWITCH Cover Art! by MTJpub TIS07: SHIP OF THIEVES Cover Art! by MTJpub TIS08 Blake's Revenge Part 1 Cover by MTJpub


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Tickle Comics and Tickle Art
United States
The Definitive Source for Tickling Comics, Tickling Art and Tickling Fiction!

We here at MTJ Publishing believe that tickling is one of life’s great pleasures. So what’s your pleasure? Beautiful females screaming with laughter and begging for mercy? Bare feet writhing in stocks, while feathers and fingers go to work on their tender soles? Or maybe you prefer ticklish armpits, ribs and bellies. Perhaps you enjoy the spectacle of male victims shrieking under dominant, female ticklers? Whatever your taste in tickle torture, we have you covered.

Tickle Comics, Tickle Art Collections, Tickle Novellas and Tickle Zines. Over 400 titles to choose from!

Providing the Best for Our Customers Since 1999

Please Note: MTJ Publishing products are intended for mature readers, 18 years and older.

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